Overseas Pilots

We can offer student immigration visas and a fee protection service for all full­-time New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA) courses.

All international students require a good level of spoken English and we can offer language support if required.

Wanaka (New Zealand) is an attractive location for overseas students and pilots who wish to combine an exceptional flying experience in one of the worlds most beautiful places – ­ Lake Wanaka Lifestyle Reserve.

Reasons why overseas pilots come to Wanaka Helicopters:

  1. PPL(H), CPL(H) and Certified Advanced Mountain Course  all of which are NZQA registered
  2. Superior flight training in a challenging, pristine environment
  3. Hour-building towards other overseas licenses. Most popular being mountain training and sling (including long line) ratings
  4. Conversions of overseas licenses to CAA of NZ licenses
  5. New Zealand Adventures – ­ pilot yourself around our breathtaking country. We have numerous options available which can be tailored to individual needs

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