Commercial Pilot Licence – CPL(H)

This qualification permits the holder to act as the pilot in command of a single pilot aircraft, or as co­-pilot of a multi­-pilot aircraft and be paid for his/her work.

Completing a CPL(H) with Wanaka Helicopters equips our graduates with flying skills suited to working in the aviation business throughout the world. As all of our training takes place in and around the mountains students gain a unique set of skills which are sought-after by prospective employers.

Wanaka Helicopters offers employment pathways through the links it has with a number of operators. There is also the opportunity for our students to be directly involved in a business which holds an Air Operator Certificate and undertakes commercial operations ­- scenic flights, frost protection, cherry drying, hunting, fishing, agriculture, surveys and Department of Conservation contracts.


 At least 150 hours of flight training and six aviation theory exam papers are required. The PPL(H) is a prerequisite for the CPL(H) and the PPL(H) flying hours count towards the 150 required for the CPL(H).

More details about the CPL(H) requirements can be found on the CAA website, follow this link.

The CAA publication ‘How to Be a Pilot’ is another useful resource.

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