Helicopter Ratings and Endorsements (including Night, Sling and Instructor)

Helicopter Ratings / Endorsements


At Wanaka Helicopters we operate a fleet which includes the following aircraft:

  1. Robinson R22, Beta & Beta II
  2. Robinson R44 Raven I & Raven II
  3. Eurocopter AS350 Super D (Squirrel)
  4. H369D (Hughes 500)
  5. Guimbal Cabri G

Type ratings are possible in the above aircraft at short notice and by arrangement in the following:

  1. Eurocopter EC130 B4
  2. Eurocopter EC120
  3. BO 105
  4. Bell 206 Jet Ranger
  5. Bell 206 Long Ranger
  6. Bell 47
  7. MD520N
  8. H296 (Hughes 300)
  9. Robinson R66
  10. Westland Scout


Other Ratings / Endorsements


Sling Ratings

Many NZ pilots use sling-related skills for both private and commercial work. Wanaka Helicopters offer the full range of sling training (including long-­lining) in several helicopter types.

Many international students come to us to hour build and develop skills in the carriage of sling loads.

We can offer:

PPL(H) ­ 5 hours of sling training (not a PPL(H) license requirement)

CPL(H) ­ 10 hours of sling training (this is a CPL(H) license requirement)


Night Ratings

Night ratings are not required as part of the NZ pilot license, however, we offer night flying training if desired.

If you are thinking of undertaking frost protection flying then a night rating is required.

For night operations within 25 nm of a lighted heliport or aerodrome these requirements apply:

PPL(H) ­ Two hours simulated instrument followed by 5 hours night training

CPL(H) ­ Two hours simulated instrument followed by 10 hours night training


Instructor Ratings

Wanaka Helicopters has been training flight instructors since the early 1980’s. We are passionate about flight training and pride ourselves in producing exceptional instructors.

We have three instructors who can deliver the 25 hour flying course and associated Helicopter Principles of Flight theory requirement.

Courses are run by arrangement on an individual basis.

More information on the requirements for Flight Instructor ratings can be found on the CAA website, follow this link.


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