The Perfect Woman at Wanaka Helicopters

Date: 04 November 2016


Nick, Will and Pete were graced with the prescence of to top 10 'Perfect Women' on the 23rd October.    


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WHL_Perfect Woman 16-9.jpg

 Rachel Rule with Pilot Nick Millar - the Winner & Perfect Woman!

For a full gallery of photos see our Facebook page.

The perfect woman competition has been running since 2002 seeking out New Zealand’s best quality girls from all over the country. The reason is to raise money for CanLive Cancer Trust which assists people with cancer in the Otago region.  You can support the CanLive Cancer Trust by visiting their website or facebook page, or by checking out the Perfect Woman facebook page.




On finals day, the top 10 were put through their paces by the boys with an aim to find the most able helicopter pilot.  An amazing spectator crew supported from the deck airside, where many nerves built and smiling faces returned!

Dont forget to check out & tag yourselves (if you happen to be a Perfect Woman) in our facebook photos, and if you have any photo's of your own we'd love to see #wanakahelicopters

Congratulations to everyone! We really hope you had a great time, and if you find you have a growing passion for aviation - you know who to come and see!


Nick, Will, Pete, Nicky, Erica & The Team


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