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Date: 01 September 2017

Have you ever thought about flying?  Is your dream to be able to discover the world from a more vertical angle?

Well, we've got two options for you..

A front row seat next to one of our experienced pilots, hands free to take epic images of the world below or to hold your hands over your mouth in exhaltation.  Blissful flight without a care in the world

Sounds pretty darn good, but feel like you need a closer experience or are you interested in the flight itself?

Hit us up, and ask about our world class Flight Training.  Our top pilots are qualified, experienced instructors.  Catering from the once-off bucket list clients, through to seasoned pilot and instructors.  We also provide a number of other services including BFR's, FCCC's, Ratings, Renewals and Licence Conversions.

Wanaka Helicopters can offer you your PPL and CPL through our Accredited Diploma in Aviation programme.  Our Certificate in Mountain Training is second to none, making the most of the epic landscape we live in.

All this under the watchful eye of world-renowned instructor Simon Spencer-Bower and his safety-concious and talented team of Pilots and ground staff.

Get a quick taste of the helicopter life at Wanaka Helicopters in the video below, and contact us for more information on our courses:

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