Our Fleet

Wanaka Helicopters operates three models of helicopter; the Robinson R22, Robinson R44 and Eurocopter AS350 Squirrel. We also have access to a Hughes/MD 500

Our helicopters can be chartered by you on an hourly or daily basis for any purpose to any destination. Your chartered helicopter can be used for such occasions as weddings, special interest tours, surveys, photography, lifting etc.

All helicopters are equipped with headsets for every passenger which allows you to chat to each other in comfort and also listen to your pilots informative commentary.

Robinson R22

This two seat helicopter is ideal for the visitor travelling alone or for the visitor wanting a very special one-on-one experience, with just themselves and the pilot. We also use the R22 used for flight training and for the unique ‘You Fly’ scenic flights.

Robinson R44

The R44 is a fast four-seat helicopter. The cabin configuration is a comfortable two-plus-two seating. The unobstructed cabin area has no bulkhead between front and rear seats, ensuring exceptional visibility for all passengers.

The R44 is ideal for couples and groups of three people. This helicopter is the fastest selling and most popular helicopter in the world today.

Eurocopter AS350 Squirrel

The Squirrel is a seven place helicopter, including the pilot. It is well suited for larger groups and up to 3 couples travelling together. The large spacious cabin of the Squirrel means everyone can sit together and enjoy uninterrupted views through its large windows.